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The pisello nano

The pisello nano The Festival of  the Pisello Nano, more correctly Pisello Verdone Nano, is held yearly in may in the Veneto Region, in Colognola ai Colli, near Verona.

The City of Colognola ai Colli is located 14 kilometers east of Verona. It is on the road to San Bonifacio right at the entrance of Val d'Illasi. Wonderful land known also for its prestigious wines and oils.

Pisello Verdone Nano, seems to have healing and  curative.qualities. There are plenty of historical references, which also involve Madame de Maintenon, first lover and later  morganatic wife of Louis XIV  the Sun King!
May 17, 1696 Madame wrote a letter to a friend in which she stated that: "The impatience of eating  peas, the pleasure of having eaten and the joy of still eat them are the three issues on which our rulers argue for days."!

Lovers of good food know it well. Among the many culinary delights that can be realized with the extraordinary Verdone nano we remember  the most known and appreciated traditional dish  made in Colognola,: "Lasagna and  peas" made with fresh egg pasta (noodles),  as well as  "Rice and peas "," Codeghin and peas "of the country tradition," Cuttlefish and peas "," Peascream "and" Stew with peas "of the modern kitchen, up to the most refined dishes such as" Cappuccino and peas "and the "Guineafowl with peas" very appreciated in the noble Venetian houses in 1800.

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