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Recco cheese bread “focaccia”

Recco cheese bread “focaccia” Ingredients:

1 kg flour “00”
1 dl olive oil
salt, to taste
2 dl water
2 kg fresh crescenza cheese


Prepare the ingredients and form a mixture with the flour and a little olive oil, adding the salt and finally the water. Knead the dough until it is soft and smooth. Leave to rest covered for about 60 minutes at a temperature of 18/20 C. After having left the dough to rest, divide it, take a piece of about half kg and roll it out with a rolling pin until the dough is thin and as large as possible.  Place it in the copper pan which has been oiled. Place the crescenza cheese on the pastry in small pieces, in a circular motion. Prepare a second very thin (nearly transparent) disk of pastry and cover the pastry disk placed on the base. Close the extremities of the two disks of pastry so that the borders are completely sealed. Pinch the pastry in several points forming holes of 1 centimetre. Sprinkle with salt and olive oil. Cook in the oven at a very high temperature (270/320 C) for about 5 minutes. Cooking will be completed when the focaccia forms  a gold coloured crust on top and bottom.

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